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In a world as tumultuous and ever-changing as ours, it’s overwhelming to find our place in it all. Through this page, Dijor wants to encourage you to reflect on your inner strengths and longings, and use them to make something – something that is distinctively yours. Reusing energy from the past allows the generation to form a better future by utilizing these forces into constructing something extraordinary and artistic. Reinvigorating our feelings brings circles in our imagination, giving more energy and imaginative freedom at work. Dijors code is to always be here for everyone prepared to make something out of their own experiences – no matter how tough the journey might seem – to support and bolster them on the course towards self-actualization through expression.

Dijor is an upcycle admirer who loves to be resourceful with curbside treasures. He believes that the best kind of stress relief comes from getting in the right headspace and deploying artistry or imagination to express oneself. Crafting scrap materials into something beautiful can boost confidence, reduce anxiety and depression, and turn any dismal outlook around. He encourages others to find their own magic by utilizing their imagination, designing whatever they can envision, and charging themselves with their own plans. It takes energy to unleash those imaginative ideas, but it’s worth it in the end;

Through his own imaginative ventures, he encourages others to find their inner creativity, allowing them the space to push any angst or stress aside. Art has been a beneficial way to treat anxiety and depression – it can even bring confidence and hope back into life. For those struggling with Headspace issues such as negativity today, creativity is an excellent way to cheer up and spiral upwards in a positive direction. Dijor inspires us all to use our creativity freely and take our creative endeavours where we may!

Activity details
Date 29 & 30 April 2023
Time 9.00am - 4.00pm
Location The Rally Ground
Entry Free