Locomotive 3526 is the only survivor of the class of 35 introduced as express passenger engines in 1914 as the NN (1027) Class.

3526 was built by the NSW Railway’s Eveleigh Workshops, completed in March 1917, as works number 118. The locomotive was rebuilt with new frames and cab in July 1940.

Locomotive 3526 was withdrawn from revenue service in 1967 and retained for preservation, in the custody of the NSW Rail Transport Museum with ownership vested in Railcorp.

With the transfer of the Museum from Enfield to Thirlmere in June 1975, it travelled to Thirlmere under its own steam, but has not steamed since then, until its recent restoration.

The locomotive was restored to fully operational condition at Thirlmere by staff and volunteers of the then NSW Rail Transport Museum (NSWRTM) in 2003/2004, in a project jointly funded by RailCorp and the NSWRTM. It then operated in preservation until 2013 when it was withdrawn from active service, specifically to have its tender replaced as it was deteriorating over this time. After a second major overhaul during its operating preservation life, in June 2018 3526 was once again back on the rails after debuting at the annual Transport Heritage Expo at Sydney’s Central station.

Designed by Edward Lucy, the NSW Government Railway’s Chief Mechanical Engineer, the 35 Class (as originally the NN Class) were an important development of NSW express passenger power, and a significant achievement of the ‘Lucy’ era. Lucy’s first, and favourite, engine as the new Chief Mechanical Engineer, the 35 class was the first class of locomotive designed and built completely by the NSWGR, and the first passenger locomotive in NSW to approach 30,000 lbs in tractive effort, enabling efficient haulage of the new heavy main line carriages.

In appearance, the design of these stylish locomotives was clearly influenced by designs for the English Great Western Railway, where Lucy had trained and worked before coming to the NSWGR.

Locomotive 3526 is part of the Transport Heritage NSW collection, housed and based at the NSW Rail Museum, Thirlmere, and operated by Transport Heritage NSW.

Information compiled by Transport Heritage NSW.

3526 Quick Facts

Power Steam
Builder NSW Railway’s Eveleigh Workshops
Build date 1917
Last run 1967
Class 35 Class

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