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Locomotive 3526

Locomotive 3526 is part of the Transport Heritage NSW collection.

Locomotive 3526 is part of the Transport Heritage NSW collection.

Reclassified as the 35 class during the 1924 renumbering program, these locomotives were originally known as the NN class, which gave rise to the nickname ‘Nanny’. Built in 1917, 3526’s original number was 1314.

The 35 class 4-6-0 locomotives were built by the NSW Government Railways (NSWGR) at their workshops at Eveleigh. Coincidentally there were 35 engines in the 35 class. They were intended to reduce the amount of ‘double-heading’ required for main line express trains following the introduction of heavy, twelve wheeled corridor compartment cars.

Teething problems with the new design were overcome by several modifications throughout their service (including reframing and rebalancing the driving wheels), seeing them develop into solid performers. The original cabs were replaced to provide the crew greater protection against the weather.

With the advent of the 36 and later the 38 classes, the 35s spent the greater part of their lives on northern services.

Withdrawn in 1967, locomotive 3526 in that year became the first exhibit to be painted by the NSW Rail Transport Museum, forerunner of Transport Heritage NSW. 3526 is one of the few NSW locomotives to have been painted in blue livery for a time, while hauling the Caves Express services from Sydney to Mount Victoria in the 1930s. Following a major overhaul completed in 2018, it now appears in Brunswick Green livery with red and yellow trim.

Locomotive 3526 QUICK FACTS
Builder New South Wales Government Railways (Eveleigh Workshops)
Build date 1917
First run 1917
Last run 1967
Class 35
Number in class 35