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Maker and Merchant

Be transported back to a time when the art of handmade was an essential skill.

Meet the makers as they demonstrate their traditional arts, forgotten crafts and rare trades.

A silversmith, tool maker, artist, woodworker, jewellery maker, stonemason and leatherworker will immerse Steamfest audiences in the skills and crafts of yesteryear, by allowing audiences to engage, interact and be educated by ‘The Maker and Merchant’.



Joel started exploring his interest in bladesmithing while working at an industrial heat treat facility, where he learned metallurgy and the processes involved in hardening steel. Joel was always fascinated by the history of metal work, how it has developed over time and the way it shapes cultures. His experiments in forging with his drive to refine his skills and techniques naturally evolved into knife making. Joel founded Adamas Forge and immersed himself into his practice fulltime, striving to learn and create.

Joel worked in and around the restaurant industry in the Hunter Valley region throughout his younger years and now enjoys crafting blades and cutlery for many well-established restaurants and chefs. He is passionate about the intricacies of a beautifully crafted Chef knife, in all its varieties and forms, and strives to create something both functional and unique.



Morgaine Grey is an award winning leather craftswoman based in Sydney. She draws inspiration from her love of history and the Australian bush to create a wide range of products from delicate jewellery to heavy armour. 

She believes you can learn from and use techniques from many different crafts to create objects that are both art and functional. Be sure to check out her colourful belts, hand carved books, bags, homewares and accessories. 

Try your hand at leatherwork and inspire yourself to create!




For Nigel, blacksmithing came out of the blue when it was time to start making my way in life. It was an apprenticeship offered in the mining industry in the UK in the late 70s and was more of an industrial upbringing, but it taught me how hot steel could be shaped by both hand and machine. Most of my time was spent making tools and other mining related items, with just minimal time allowed to focus on decorative work.

Move forward several years, a change of industry and a new country but I never lost the urge to work with hot steel.

A chance meeting with a local blacksmith and the fire was restarted, but this time, based more on decorative and artistic work and “Phoenix Forge” emerged.

Since re awakening, I have been busy showcasing the craft at many different shows, fairs, and events, along with the sale of various items through local galleries and commissions as well as exhibitions throughout Australia.

Based at Glen Oak, a small country town between Maitland and the Barrington Tops, the forge is fully equipped for minor industrial and decorative work.

WOOL CRAFT - Linda Liversidge

Ettielynn Creations is the passion project and brainchild of local woman Linda Liversidge. Her business was developed in 2018 as a creative outlet to pursue her passion for wool craft.

Linda is a speed spinner and knitter, among the fastest in the world. She has held a deep love for all things wool craft since her very first project as a child – a knitted horse named Suzie, created at age 9. Growing up on a small farm in New Zealand, her first job as a roustabout on her brother’s sheering gang helped cement her love for the natural world and a simpler way of doing things; values she carries through into her business today.

Linda was a key member of Maitland’s very own Spinning Knitwits, a local spinning and knitting group who were crowned world champions of the International Back to Back Competition in 2017. The team raced the clock and other teams from around the globe to shear a sheep, spin it’s wool and knit a jumper from scratch in record time. All while raising funds for cancer research.

Ettielyn creations’ wares include hand spun wool, a variety of knitted item and soft toys, including a range of Rudolf Steiner inspired dolls. Her items are created with sustainability and ethical sourcing of materials in mind.

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Traditional signwriter and gilder - Lance Corlett

Lance Corlett is a passionate and versatile artist and operates Steady Hand Studio, a successful traditional sign painting and mural business known for its high end craftsmanship. Lance has been fortunate enough to study with many national and international leaders in the industry. His expertise includes skills such as glass gilding, hand lettering, mural painting and more. He takes pride in continuing the art of drawing well formed lettering alongside pleasing, well designed layouts with a masterful execution. Come and have a look at a range of traditional Australian signage and see how the signs are made in real life.


Celtic Tinker- Marieke (MJ) Treloar

Presenting Marieke J Treloar, the “Celtic Tinker” at Steamfest! An accomplished artisan jeweller, author, and creative force, Marieke infuses her work with a sustainable spirit. Drawing inspiration from extensive research and personal experiences, she delves into the transformative power of Runic symbols. Marieke’s creations seamlessly blend clarity and depth, making intricate concepts accessible to both novices and seasoned practitioners. At Steamfest, witness her crafting elegance through a variety of jewelry techniques, showcasing pieces designed with a captivating Steamfest theme. From steam train silhouette-adorned accessories to personalized binding runes engraved on recycled materials, Marieke’s demonstrations promise a journey into the enchanting realm of Celtic artistry. Join us and be captivated by the finesse of the “Celtic Tinker” at Steamfest!

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The Tailor- Margaret Givan

Introducing Margaret Givan, “The Tailor” at Steamfest! With decades of expertise, Margaret brings a wealth of knowledge in traditional sewing and crochet techniques. Her talent and practical approach shine through every creation, earning her the endearing title of Eco-Granny. Margaret’s unique touch focuses on crafting beautiful, useful, and washable items, embodying sustainability with a dash of Steampunk elegance. Join us at Steamfest and witness the magic as Margaret stitches together a world where craftsmanship meets eco-conscious creativity.



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Hugh Reedman of Stone Heritage and Jason Huntley the Stonemason

With over 50 years of combined experience in Stonemasonry, Hugh Reedman of Stone Heritage, and Jason Huntley of Jason the Stonemason have travelled Australia and the world practicing their craft. They first met 12 years ago while working on the restoration of Sydney Central Station and have worked together on various heritage and construction jobs since. Both are qualified Stonemasons, specialising in heritage restoration and banker masonry.

After completing his studies in Industrial Design, Hugh worked in various design consultancies within Sydney, covering product and furniture design, as well as 3D special effects for film and television. With a desire to work with new materials, he took an interest in the restoration of marble antiques and antiquities. He started his own business and was quickly contracted to fabricate reproduction, federation, victorian and french marble fire surrounds. Drawing on his previous experience as an Industrial Designer, he created a range of product castings including gargoyles, griffins and lions which can be seen on “The Abbey”and “The Witches Houses”, Johnston Street, Annandale. Further restoration projects include, the Gowings Building and The State Theatre, El-Alamein Memorial Fountain, and more recently the clock tower of Maitland Town Hall.

Similarly to Hugh, Jason’s creative endeavours started elsewhere when he successfully studied Ceramic, Sculpture and Visual Arts. This later sparked an interest in stone work and he went on to complete his trade here and abroad. Jason was chosen to replicate the Ariana Star monument in Tatura, Victoria and his other works have included commissioned headstones, large scale fireplaces in luxury, country estates, and being apart of the Royal Museum of Scotland restoration in  Edinburgh.

At Hunter Valley Steamfest 2024 – Maker and Merchants Market, Hugh and Jason will be working on a steam inspired sculpture. The stone you will see being “banked”, is an original pinnacle stone retrieved during the restoration of St. John’s College bell tower at Sydney University.

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Mark Wallis- Maitland Woodworkers Guild

Prior to retiring in 2005 after a career in the Painting & Decorating I completed the Woodturning Trade course at Newcastle TAFE.  My interest in woodturning became more challenging when I began entering my woodwork in local agricultural shows at Gresford, Singleton and Maitland requiring the creation of better and more complex projects each year.

I joined the Maitland Woodworkers Guild about 10 years ago and enjoy the comaradie of like-minded people who share similar interests and skills.

During the COVID 19 lockdown I researched and constructed a modern day version of a Saxon period pole-lathe.  These were used to make wooden cups and bowls as well as tool handles 1,000 years ago in Britain.

Please visit our Facebook page for more information about the Guild and photos of members work.

lathe work
Activity details
Date 13 and 14 April 2024
Time 9.00am - 4.00pm
Location The Rally Ground
Entry $5.00 Entry Fee (Over 16's)