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Meet our Makers


Dave bean - the cabin collective
The Cabin roast their beans traditionally, over an open fire. Done in small batches their beans are rich and oily in a way that is unique to primitive roasting.​
First, the beans are placed in The Cabins own custom made roasting drum. Then they are slowly turned over the fire, being mixed by hand every few minutes to ensure an even roast.
Finally, the beans are taken off the fire, the husks are removed and the beans are allowed to sit for 2-3 weeks to allow the oils to develop.

spinning and weaving

newcastle spinners and weavers guild
The Newcastle Spinners and Weavers Guild Inc have a purpose to foster and promote the fibre crafts of spinning, weaving, dyeing and similar crafts and to engage in associated social and community activities.
They have two active groups, one in Newcastle and the other in Maitland.
At Steamfest the Guild will have a stall selling hand spun or handwoven articles from natural fibres. Items may be knitted, crocheted, dyed, felted or woven.
Some items will be made from commercially produced fibres. Spinning and weaving demonstrations will be featured.


Jason Huntley of Jason the Stonemason and Hugh Reedman of Stone Heritage
With over 50 years of combined experience in Stonemasonry, Hugh Reedman of Stone Heritage, and Jason Huntley of Jason the Stonemason have travelled Australia and the world practicing their craft.
They first met 12 years ago while working on the restoration of Sydney Central Station and have worked together on various heritage and construction jobs since. Both are qualified Stonemasons, specialising in heritage restoration and banker masonry.
After completing his studies in Industrial Design, Hugh worked in various design consultancies within Sydney, covering product and furniture design, as well as 3D special effects for film and television. With a desire to work with new materials, he took an interest in the restoration of marble antiques and antiquities. He started his own business and was quickly contracted to fabricate reproduction, federation, Victorian and French marble fire surrounds.
Drawing on his previous experience as an Industrial Designer, he created a range of product castings including gargoyles, griffins and lions which can be seen on “The Abbey”and “The Witches Houses”, Johnston Street, Annandale. Further restoration projects include, the Gowings Building and The State Theatre, El-Alamein Memorial Fountain, and more recently the clock tower of Maitland Town Hall.
Similarly to Hugh, Jason’s creative endeavours started elsewhere when he successfully studied Ceramic, Sculpture and Visual Arts. This later sparked an interest in stonework and he went on to complete his trade here and abroad. Jason was chosen to replicate the Ariana Star monument in Tatura, Victoria and his other works have included commissioned headstones, large scale fireplaces in luxury, country estates, and being a part of the Royal Museum of Scotland restoration in Edinburgh.
At Hunter Valley Steamfest 2022 – Maker and Merchants Market, Hugh and Jason will be working on a steam inspired sculpture. The stone you will see being “banked”, is an original pinnacle stone retrieved during the restoration of St. John’s College bell tower at Sydney University.
Stone 1
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