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Locomotive 3016

Locomotive 3016 was built in 1903 as a C30 Class 4-6-4. There were a total of 145 C30 class locomotives, with 95 being built by Beyer, Peacock and Co in Manchester with the remaining 50 built at Eveleigh Railway Workshops in Sydney.

3016 was initially used for Sydney suburban services. Following the electrification of Sydney’s suburban network from 1926, 77 of the C30 Class locomotives, including 3016 were converted for use on NSW regional lines.

The first 10 conversions were completed at Clyde Engineering and with the remaining 67 completed at Eveleigh Railway Workshops. The work completed as part of the rebuild included cutting off the frames at the rear of the cab, removing the side tanks and installing pre-built tenders. The rebuilt C30 class locomotives became part of the C30T Class with a new 4-6-0 configuration.

Between 1940 and 1957, 28 C30T Class locomotives were fitted with superheaters to increase the thermal efficiency of the steam engine.

At their peak the C30T Class could be found working almost every light branch line in New South Wales.

With the widespread introduction of electrified and diesel railways throughout suburban and regional NSW, the last C30T in operational service was withdrawn in August 1972.

3016 was purchased by the ACT division of the Australian Railway Historical Society (ARHS) in 1977 and restored to operate tourist passenger services in the late 1980s, wearing a Prussian Blue livery. In 2003, 3016 was dismantled and transferred to Trainworks Thirlmere for contract overhaul in late 2004. Since completion of its overhaul, 3016 has continued to operate mainline tourist passenger services for the Australian Railway Historical Society with an authentic black livery.

3016 is currently maintain and operated by Transport Heritage NSW under hire agreement.

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Locomotive 3016 QUICK FACTS
Builder Beyer Peacock and Co
Build date 1903
First run
Last run
Class C30 (1903 - Abt 1926)
C30T (Abt 1926 Onwards)
Number in class 13 of 145 (77 rebuilt)