There’s so much happening on the rally ground this year with people coming from all over to take part. Something a bit new and different in 2018 will be the oddities and activities put on by Steampunk Sydney.

For those unaware, steampunk is a style of fashion that combines historical elements with old fashioned technological features. Steampunkers have a love of all things steam powered and vintage rather than the state of art technology we all live with today.

Steampunk Sydney will be a great addition this year so head for the rally ground and check out some incredible costumes, a host of curiosities and even a penny farthing bicycle!

‘Dijor’ from Steampunk Sydney can’t wait for the event this year and he’s excited to show off what his group has to offer.

‘Events like Steamfest really interest groups like us. We’ve done our research and I think we’ll be a hit on the rally ground this year’.

The guys from Steampunk Sydney have put the call out and want everyone to know that any local steam punkers keen to get kitted out are more than welcome to join them.

To find out more about the group search for them on Facebook.

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