One of the many highlights on the Rally Ground this weekend will be the sheep shearing demonstrations, which are on at different times over the course of both days.

This year, Andrew Madden will be the man of the moment plying his trade with the shears, which will be appropriately powered by steam using a Marshall Britannia portable engine (pictured).

Andrew started shearing as a teenager and his usual day would consist of four two hour runs. In that time, he would shear between 150 and 200 sheep a day. His personal best sits at 208.

When shearing was quiet in his hometown of Walcha he would travel to find shearing jobs. He went out west and even as south as Canberra.

In 2001 Andrew left the shearing sheds to move with his wife and children to the Maitland but he still continues to shear sheep in the Hunter Valley. He’s been doing it for more than 30 years.

Andrew does sheep shearing demonstrations all over the region and has worked at Hope Estate Winery, Newcastle Entertainment Centre, the Hunter Valley Zoo and Maitland Show, among others.

Don’t miss an opportunity to see Andrew in action this weekend. To see when he’s on go to

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