Having spent his whole life in the Maitland area, Norm Burton Sr knows more than most about Maitland’s close connection with steam. Having grown up in the steam era, Norm enjoys seeing families delight in riding on the steam locomotives at Steamfest, something he took for granted in his younger years.

Burton Automotive is a proud family owned business which started from humble beginning and it has been in operation since 1963. Being one of the last family run businesses in Maitland, Norm is proud to employ many of his own family members and he hopes the business will continue its grow into the future.

He is also proud that Burton Automotive has once again thrown their support behind Maitland’s most popular flagship event, Hunter Valley Steamfest, and says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

In this video, Norm explains a bit about what Steamfest means to him and his family, and he touches on his experience growing up in a city that always had such a reliance on the effectiveness of steam locomotives. Thanks to Norm and the team at Burton Automotive for their support of Steamfest.

Every year, Steamfest highlights the historic relationship Maitland and steam power share and it attracts people from all generations. Grandparents, parents and young children enjoy the locomotives, the rally ground, the stalls and taking part in all the different activities as, together, they take a step back in time.

Burton Automotive Hunter Valley Steamfest is on 8 and 9 April.

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