Create your own Steamfest experience and select your journey on one of the heritage locomotives or diesel engines which are heading to Maitland this April. If you’re not sure which train or journey is for you, check out what each has on offer:

Steam Locomotive 3526
3526, introduced in 1914 and the only survivor of the 35 class, will make a grand return to Steamfest following a five year restoration, which was completed in 2018. The 3526 will journey to Paterson, Port Waratah Coal and for the first time, the Newcastle Interchange. Locomotive 3526 also take part in the Great Train Race this year at Steamfest.

Steam Locomotive 3265
After a three year mechanical overhaul, 3265 also returns to Steamfest in 2019. Arguably the most successful type of locomotive to represent the NSW Railways, 191 ‘P’ class locomotives hauled passengers, mail and freight over eight decades. Locomotive 3265 will journey to Branxton and participate in the Great Train Race this year at Steamfest.

Red Rattler
Classes 620 and 720 were developed from new production techniques born out of World War 11. The class leader set 621/721 commenced service in Newcastle in 1961 and has a strong connection to the area, having spent all of its time on Hunter services. In 2010, the Red Rattler was restored and repainted by the Rail Motor Society. The Red Rattler will journey to Mount Thorley during Steamfest this year.

Tin Hare
Tin Hare is the nickname given to CPH rail motors built between 1923 and 1930 as the self propelled trains were quick paced, similar to greyhound racing hares in the era when greyhound tracks were moving towards the use of mechanical hares. There are only ten of these motors remaining in operational condition, and three will be attending Steamfest. You can experience the Tin Hare on its journeys to Paterson during Steamfest this year.

The Great Train Race
For the adventure seekers, don’t miss one of Steamfest’s highlights, the Great Train Race, which sees steam locomotives 3265 and 3526 race head to head against a Tiger Moth Aeroplane. The Great Train race takes place on Sunday 14 April, and you can sit back and relax as you travel from Maitland to the starting line, before you race back to Maitland. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets on The Great Train Race.

If you select the scenic trip North on locomotive 3526 to the historic town of Paterson, your journey will commence with a glimpse of Walka Water Works Picnic Reserve as you leave the city. You’ll then pass through the rolling green countryside of Mindaribba and Tocal with a brief stop in Paterson before the return trip to Maitland.

The return journey is offered on locomotive 3526, or you can also take a one way or return journey on the Tin Hare across the weekend. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets on Paterson journeys.

Head west to Branxton on locomotive 3265 for a glimpse of Hunter Valley wine country through the picturesque towns of Lochinvar, Allandale and Greta. This journey is perfect for those not wanting to stray too far from the heart of Steamfest as the return journey takes around one hour.

The return journey to Branxton is offered on both Saturday and Sunday during Steamfest. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets on the Braxton journey.

Mount Thorley

Settle in for the trip to Mount Thorley on the classic Red Rattler which heads west from Maitland, travelling through Branxton, Minimbah and Whittingham. Once you reach Mount Thorley, there is a short stop before the return trip back to Maitland.

This journey takes just under two hours and is offered on Saturday and Sunday during Steamfest. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets on the Red Rattler Mount Thorley journey.

Newcastle Interchange
For the first time since major developments were completed, a steam locomotive will travel to the Newcastle Interchange. Travel from Newcastle to Maitland, or from Maitland to Newcastle on locomotive 3526 on Saturday during Steamfest.

This journey is offered as a one way trip and is the perfect way for attendees to extend their day into Newcastle. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets on the Newcastle to Maitland and Maitland to Newcastle journeys.

Port Waratah Coal Loop
The Port Waratah Coal Loop is back by popular demand and is a real treat for all steam enthusiasts. This journey starts in Maitland enroute to the Newcastle Interchange and Port Waratah before heading west back to Maitland.

This return journey is offered on Sunday during Steamfest and takes around two hours. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets on the Port Waratah Coal Loop journey.

Important Information
· The right is reserved to vary the advertised times, program and to add, withdraw or substitute locomotives, carriages and facilities provided as necessary.
· Patrons are purchasing a rail journey only and no offer of added benefit is made or warranted except detailed.
· Due to the Heritage Nature of the locomotives, prams and wheelchairs are unable to be take on the train.
· A wheelchair and pram enclosure will be situated next to the ticketing tent.
· Patrons are able to utilise this facility free of charge over the Steamfest weekend.
· Pre-purchase your tickets to avoid disappointment

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