An exciting addition to the Burton Automotive Hunter Valley Steamfest program in 2018 will be the performances of The Daughters of the Rum Rebellion.

The Daughters of the Rum Rebellion is a musical theatre production that reveals the hidden history of Australia’s female bushrangers.

The show centres around two fictional heroines who after running into trouble with the local constable in Ryelstone, escape into the bush and find the hideout of the infamous Jessie Hickman, a bushranger and trick rider. Things go on to get quite interesting but you’ll have to attend Steamfest to find out what happens!

Gleny Rae and Ilona Harker are brilliant in their roles as Madame Ironbark and Lady Moonlight, and both are really excited to attend Steamfest for the first time.

‘We’ve heard a bit about Steamfest and obviously locomotives and steam powered equipment fits with the theme of our production so I think it will be a good match.  We can’t wait’.

The Daughters of the Rum Rebellion will be performed on the stage in the Maitland Station Precinct at 12.15pm on Saturday.

Hunter Valley Steamfest is on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April.

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