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Marketing is also seen by us on the roads, not only buses and billboards, but on our personal automobiles at the same time. It's not uncommon to view cars and pickup trucks wearing advertisements explaining somebody 's company. Like a real estate broker, plumber, electrician supplies, etc. I really do not have a problem with this folks are merely trying to market their businesses on a billboard that is rolling. What I have a problem with, and I am mystified when it is seen by me, is when people without a connection to businesses put decals, advertisements or bumper stickers on their automobiles to boost a small business. By way of example, follow-me to ABC Business who gives the very best deals on this or that. I'm sure we've all noticed illustrations with this. I particularly chuckle when I see lovers of professional sports beautify their vehicles with decals and indicators encouraging their preferred staff. They should pay to boost them, although not only.

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